File Tree Exclude v0.4.5
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File Tree Exclude v0.4.5

Jon Wolfe
File Tree Exclude v0.4.5
Исключает папки с файловой системы Brackets, чтобы избежать ограничения в 30000 файлов.

Это очень удобно для папок кэша, папок распределения файлов, а также для пакетов, папок, как node_modules и bower_components.


Exclusions are defined globally by default inside the Brackets preferences file (Debug > Open preferences file).

Append or edit your configuration options there. (See below for example of defaults)

Or on a per project basis:

Create a .brackets.json in project root (it may already exist) and add your settings there.

Project config completely redefine exclusion rules from global config.

Configuration defaults

  "jwolfe.file-tree-exclude.list": [

How it Matches

Eventually matching will be done via Minimatch, but for this initial version matching is done via the basic string.match js method for folders and for files it just checks the list for a matching file name using array.indexof.

If a search is too generic (e.g. vendor is matching your to_vendor folder you actually want to see) then add specificity by adding backslashes to the item (e.g. /vendor/).

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