PasteToBin v1.0.1
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PasteToBin v1.0.1

Wojciech Połowniak
PasteToBin v1.0.1
Расширение Brackets, которое позволяет быстро загружать фрагменты в Pastebin.

To use, select the text you'd wish to publish and choose File > PasteToBin or via using keyboard shurtcut (Ctrl+Alt+W on Windows or CMD+Alt+W on Mac)

After that the popup will show up in which you can customize your paste details, such as expiration time or format. After accepting your paste details you'll get a notification from your OS that the URL for you Paste has been generated and copied to your Clipboard automatically!

You can also create private pastes, as long as you can also specify credentials for you Pastebin account in the configuration. You can access those by selecting Edit > PasteToBin config

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