HTML Designer для Brackets
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HTML Designer для Brackets

Swagatam Mitra
HTML Designer для Brackets
Расширение для редактора кода Brackets, которое предназначено для проектирования и настройки веб-интерфейса с HTML и CSS.

  • WYSIWYG design editor to design and customize HTML pages
  • Rendering of HTML page with Split view support for stylesheet editing and HTML page source editing
  • Illustration controls for popular CSS properties like -
  • - Layout ( BoxModel)
  • - - All CSS layout support
  • - - Reference anchoring change by retaining current position( when element is positioned)
  • - - Layouting parameters change by retaining current position
  • - - Intelligent unit persistance and incr/decr logic based on unit present in target selector
  • - Background Properties
  • - Shadow Properties
  • - Transformation properties
  • - Border Properties
  • - Transition Animation(with Preview)
  • - CSS3 Keyframe animation(With Preview)
  • Automatic CSS selector selection based on specificity for property change persistence
  • User can override tools automatic selection for property change presistense
  • Drag Selection to position ( Decision tree driven property selection for positioning a positioned or non-positioned element )
  • Drag Resize controls to Resize
  • Precise positioning by using arrow keys to shift by 1 pixel
  • Precise Resizing by using shift+arrow keys to increase/decrease height/width by 1 pixel
  • Shift+Drag to change containment
  • Alt+Click to do layered selection
  • Element serach by using jquery selector
  • On-Demand sandboxing of application iFrame to stop JS execution
  • HTML attribute editing using intutive input controls
  • Drag Border radius control points to change radius for one corner
  • Shift+Drag Border radius control point to change radius for all corners
  • Ctrl+Drag to copy/Clone ( nested )
  • Double Click a selected element to open inner HTML editor non-modal popup
  • MultiSelect by Ctrl+Click
  • Multiselect by drawing control rect
  • Alignment on multiselected elements
  • Cut/Copy/Paste of elements using context menu

Информация Наложение
  • Offset Markers with Offset values
  • Element position reference axis ( x and y)
  • Current containment and prospective containment based on mouse interaction while editing containment using Shift+Drag
  • Border radius focal point for rx and ry
  • Selection Rectangle

Линейка и Сетка
  • Ruler and Grid support with pixel calibration
  • On Demand grids by clicking on Rulers
  • Dynamic position of Grids drawn
  • Lockable grid lines
  • Show/Hide of Grid lines
  • Clear Grid lines
  • Options accessible from right click context menu at grid corner block

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