Brackets LinqSharp v0.1.0
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Brackets LinqSharp v0.1.0

Karthik Ananth
Brackets LinqSharp v0.1.0
Brackets-LinqSharp is an extension for the Brackets editor - with the help of OmniSharp for brackets, you can compose C# programs with intellisense - but unfortunately you cannot run them! That's where this extension comes in to the picture. With this extension a new menu called "Run" is created, which has just one item for now - "Open File in LinqPad". If you have LinqPad interested, the current file will be opened in LinqPad as a C# program!

Obviously, this would work even if you don't have OmniSharp, but you have a C# program. This is a work-in-progress. So this will be changing for a while now!

To use this, just download the extension, extract in to the "extensions" folder of brackets (Help -> Show Extensions Folder)

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