Name-a-project v0.0.6
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Name-a-project v0.0.6

Pete Nykänen
Name-a-project v0.0.6
Extension to enable personalized, per-project nicknames for projects.

Configuring a project name

  • Open File -> Project name
  • Change the name and background color (hex, hsl, rgba or name) for your project
  • Press "Done"

Resetting a name

  • Open File -> Project name
  • Leave the Project Name and Background color fields empty
  • Press "Done"

Following configuration options are available (under petetnt.brackets-name-a-project):
defaultScope (String)
Default: user - By default the extension saves the project preferences to the global preferences file brackets.json. Changing this to project makes the extension save the values to project-level .brackets.json.

namedProjects {Object}
Object that consists of objects. The key is the full path to project, and the value for that key is an combination of _parentPath, _name (original name), name (current name) and background color. Automatically created by the dialog.

"petetnt.brackets-name-a-project.namedProjects": {
  "C:/Users/Pete/AppData/Roaming/Brackets/extensions/user/petetnt.brackets-name-a-project/": {
  "_parentPath": "C:/Users/Pete/AppData/Roaming/Brackets/extensions/user/petetnt.brackets-name-a-project/",
  "_name": "petetnt.brackets-name-a-project",
  "name": "Name A Project Extension",
  "bgColor": "blue"

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